Monday, June 30, 2014

Twitter and my personal website - experiments with online presence

I have recently made a twitter account @saa_rizvi where I want to reach out to students in Pakistan who are thinking of social entrepreneurship, people who are engaged in photography and my peers in machine learning.  I have also crafted my personal website where I share my photography, provide links to my blog(s) and keep some pages of personal interest.

These outlets are meant to engage with people who have similar interests and to share my experiences with people who think that I might have some advice or motivation that can help them reach their personal success.

If you have questions about the Rhodes experience, general questions or confusions about the Rhodes scholarship, have ideas for blog posts that I can do or want to discuss interesting ideas about startups and entrepreneurship in Pakistan then reach out to me through twitter or through commenting on the posts on this blog or on the pages of my website.

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