Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My advice to Chokkas

I am a Chokka. A chokka is a slang term for a person who secures 4.0/4.0 GPA. And my 4.0 CGPA at PNEC, NUST gave me a permanent membership of that club.
Most people assume that chokkas have it all figured out and life is easy for them in university. Yes you are right, we know everything already, be afraid, be very afraid. No, I am kidding, for the most part chokkas have the same fears and apprehensions as the rest of the folk, the only difference is that for a poor student there is no way to go but up, for a chokka the only way is down. This persistent struggle for consistency takes a good toll of our nerves and therefore most chokkas seem to be frazzled folks. But there are some important things that I want my fellow chokkas to remember:

Try to make your university experience well-rounded
Don't forget to make good friends
Make friends with diverse interests, it will help you to see the world in more interesting ways
Follow multiple passions, indulge in sports, magazine design, photography, chess, run in elections for societies in university, travel with your friends, write stories/essays/articles, explore your city
Keep a good posture and learn good body language
Work on interpersonal skills, we all need them
Stop being the teacher's obvious pet, you will make the grade in any case
Help out your friends with their studies, you can and you should
Get involved in social work and make a dent in your surroundings
Try to make a positive impact in the life of your student fellows
Stop telling your friends that you didn't really prepare for the test, we all know you did
Stop telling your friends that your test didn't go well, we don't believe you
Try to carry out some good research work, that will help in your quest for future studies
Apply for a job that matches your interests
Keep preparing slowly for your GRE
Read books on a diverse range of subjects
Find inner peace, through whatever means you prefer
Have fun
Keep getting the 4.0


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