Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My fellow Rhodes candidates

I was amazed and humbled by my fellow candidates at the Rhodes interview. They were amazing achievers in their fields and had a plethora of other talents, yet they were down to earth, friendly and supportive. Philosophy girl had an amazing adoration for Iqbal's poetry, played tennis in her free time and she could play the tablaa! Doctor dude had the most brilliant academic reference letter that I have ever read, I was bowled over by it. Economics girl was actively involved with a great number of socio-political endeavours. Computer dude had a slightly off-kilter sense of humour, yet he was the friendliest of our bunch. Architect girl was a gold medalist and full of funny anecdotes. Professor dude kept mostly to himself and we didn't get acquainted very well.
All in all, I made some really nice friends on interview day and we had a great reunion in Islamabad when I went for my IOM appointment.

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